Here are the milestones, events, and everything else we have accomplished together this 2017!


Total website views 2017 versus 2016

Translation of the 22nd issue of the Voyager Magazine to Arabic and French


Translation of VTube+ Videos in nine languages (Arabic, Bahasa, Farsi, French, Russian, Singhalese, Tamil, Turkish)

Launch of the VTube+ Premium Videos


Launch of the VTube+ teaser videos


Launch of the V-Con app with translated pages in major languages


Launch of Body Coach and In the Zone episodes

In The Zone Body Coach

Various goals have been achieved, different battles have been won, and limitless dreams have been realized. The past year has been a prosperous moment for all of us, and each step helped us grow. Now, let’s cap 2017 with some special year-end messages from our V Partners. Get ready for 2018 as we welcome new opportunities for greater achievements!

V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s Special New Year Message LINK
V Founder Joseph Bismark: 2018 Is A Year of Celebration LINK
VP Adly Hassan’s Special Year-End Message LINK
VP Hendra Nilam’s Special Year-End Message LINK
VP Ferdie Tolentino’s Special Year-End Message LINK
Watch and Listen to VP Mahendra Kumar’s Special Year-End Message! LINK
Celebrate Your Victories! Check Out VP TG Kintanar’s Special Year-end Message LINK
VP Dev Johl’s Special Year-End Message LINK
What an Exciting Year! Watch VP Cherian Mathew’s Special Year-End Message LINK
This 2018, Let’s Reach Another Milestone Together LINK


19th anniversary


Book launches of V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran


Visited countries by the Limitless World Tour

ICE Summit held last January 2017


V-Malaysia 2017 held last May 2017 garnering 15, 000 participants


V-UAE 2017 held last September 2017 garnering 10, 000 participants


ISB Bootcamp and Advance ISB 2017


V Leadership Camp 2017



2017 Photo Galleries

  • V-Malaysia 2017 Day 1 LINK
  • V-Malaysia 2017 Day 2 LINK
  • V-Malaysia 2017 Day 3 LINK
  • V-Malaysia 2017 Day 4 LINK
  • V-Malaysia 2017 Day 5 LINK
  • V-UAE 2017 Day 1 LINK
  • V-UAE 2017 Day 2 LINK
  • V-UAE 2017 Day 3 LINK
  • V-UAE 2017 Day 4 LINK
  • V-UAE 2017 Day 5 LINK

Top 3 articles with the most views / comments

  • Brace Yourselves For V-Malaysia 2018! LINK
  • DO IT NOW at V-UAE 2017! LINK
  • Here Are The Proud New Members Of The V Council! LINK

Total number of articles and videos uploaded

878 Articles
516 Videos

Total Number of Facebook Likes

Total Number of Instagram Followers

Total Number of Twitter Followers

Aired Facebook LIVE for V-UAE 2017


Let’s continue moving forward with the vision of raising yourself to help mankind. We have high hopes as we set foot next year with the following events in mind.

V-Malaysia 2018 LINK