Frequently Asked Questions


What is Virtual Upline?

The V functions as your Virtual Upline, because we exist to help you through your networking journey, whoever and wherever you are! The Virtual Upline is formed by the websites of The V, VTube+, VShoppe, Voyager, and The Vine.

What is The V?

Find out what The V is all about here!

What is VTube+?

VTube+ is the best and most interactive online video community dedicated to network marketing. Watch videos by the best in the field, relive the greatest hits from past networking events, and best of all: be part of the online revolution by sharing your own videos and establishing your presence.

Discover amazing content, browse through thousands of channels, and connect with millions of people from around the world right here on VTube+!

What is VShoppe?

VShoppe is The V’s online marketplace. Here you can purchase exclusive products of The V, such as V-Convention tickets, training DVDs, VTube+ Memberships, event merchandise, and more! VShoppe is also where you can spend the Activity Points you earn from browsing through the websites of The V, VTube+, and The Vine.

What is Voyager?

Voyager is the official website of Voyager Magazine! Dubbed as the HEART of network marketing, it is a training tool, a wellspring of wisdom and motivation, and a newsletter of The V all rolled into one. With at least four issues a year and readily available at big events of The V, the latest word on our business is found wherever the action is!

Immerse yourself in news, events, life stories of our top personalities, and success tips from the best and brightest in the network through Voyager!

What is The Vine?

The Vine is The V’s official blog, which aims to be your best online buddy. With its fun and fresh look, exciting content, and social media-savvy features, The Vine promises to give you awesome ideas that will come in handy in the world of network marketing. The Vine ensures that The V is with you every step of your networking journey—whether you are out for a business presentation, or spending some time alone thinking of your next plans in life.

The Vine is now beefed up with exciting new categories: What’s New, Training, Hearts Touched, V Champions, and Bigger Stronger Louder!

Do I have to subscribe to a paid membership to browse through the websites?

You may still browse and enjoy many public videos without a user account or with a free/trial account!

What are Activity Points?

Browsing The V and VTube+ is so much fun because you are rewarded by simply doing the things you want to do. Every activity on the websites, such as creating a channel, uploading a video, watching a video, or leaving a comment, earns you Activity Points! You can use Activity Points to redeem awesome products on VShoppe.

How do I redeem my Activity Points?

You can redeem the Activity Points you’ve earned under an active paid membership. To spend your Activity Points, simply visit VShoppe and select an item with the corresponding number of points you can afford, and you can get it without any payment necessary!

Do my Activity Points expire?

If you’re a member with a free or trial account, your Activity Points expire every 60 days. But good news: even your expired points can be reclaimed once you subscribe to a paid membership. This means all Activity Points earned during your free/trial period will be carried over to your paid membership!

What if I am using Gmail account and I did not receive any activation email?

Open your Gmail account. On your sidebar menu, click “More” then expand “Category” link. After expanding “Category” you will see our site activation email under “Promotions”. If it’s still not there, Please contact your administrator.